Vacation Comparison: Priceline Coupons Versus House-Sitting

Welcome to our ‘versus’ article where we compare the benefits and drawbacks of going on a cheap vacation. No one is arguing that you shouldn’t go on a cheap vacation. No, we’re just assessing whether you should do it in one of two ways. Either you book a vacation using Priceline coupon codes on your flights, hotels, etc. Or you can offer to house-sit and save money that way.

Scenario 1: Redeem a Priceline Coupon

In this scenario, you book a trip just like you normally would: decide which destination you want to visit, what dates you want to travel, and which hotel you want to stay at. Then you visit a travel coupon site like and use their Priceline coupons to save some money.

priceline coupons

The trip is also pretty straightforward: you go to the place you want to visit. Then you do the things you want to do, whether that’s lounging by the pool, going on hikes, laying by the beach, or something similar. You go to restaurants you enjoy, and pretty much do whatever you want. Except that you saved a bunch of money in the process.

Scenario 2: Offer to House Sit and Enjoy a Cheap Vacation


If you keep putting off a vacation because you cannot afford to pay for it, house sitting provides an opportunity to enjoy a getaway without spending a lot of money. You get to stay at a location of your choosing completely rent free in exchange for watching over the homeowner’s home and doing a few chores.

The Exchange


In return for a rent-free vacation, house sitters agree to complete one or more tasks for the homeowners. Most commonly, these chores include keeping an eye on the home to prevent vandalism or theft, caring for one or more pets, bringing in the mail, and maintaining the lawn and garden.

Finding a Location


Some companies offer listings for house-sitting opportunities. Some of these companies charge a small fee for you to join, and some do not. Typically, the cost is minimal and well worth the opportunity to enjoy a vacation free of charge.

Your Costs


In addition to any fees that you might need to pay to review listings, you are going to incur a few expenses. These costs include travel expenses and food. In some instances, you might be required to put down a security deposit to ensure you leave the house in the same condition it was when you arrived.

Going away on vacation can be expensive, particularly if you do not own a second home. House sitting provides an excellent chance to enjoy a different location with a modest investment of money. You get to pick the place, while the homeowner provides the list of chores you must complete in exchange for this opportunity.



Really this comes down to who you are. House-sitting for someone could involve doing lots of chores around the house. But you may end up visiting a place that you’ve never been and had experiences that you’ve never expected. On the other hand, a Priceline coupon-enabled vacation will give you the freedom to do exactly what you want to do, when you want to do it. Which personality are you?

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